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Wellness Care / Check-ups

All vaccines are custom-tailored to your pet's needs and exposure risk.  Prices vary depending on species and 1 or 3 year options.

*Yearly Exam (Canine & Feline)             $65.00

*Rabies Vaccine                        $37.00-$49.00

*Canine Distemper / Parvo        $32.00-$42.00

*Feline FVRCP                           $32.00-$41.00

*Bordetella                                           $29.00

*Heartworm Test                                  $36.00

*FELV/FIV Combo test                          $65.00

*Special deal (Heartworm test, 3 tick disease test, CBC, 11 chemistry panel)                                        $109.65

*Trip fee      $60 and up (depending on location)

Non Emergent Illness Exams

We are able to provide comprehensive at home testing and consultation for non-emergent issues.  We work with several National and State Laboratories to provide comprehensive lab analysis and many local hospitals for services we are unable to complete in the home.

*Examine (Canine & Feline)                  $75.00

*Trip fee      $60 and up (depending on location)

*Laboratory Diagnostics              $ prices vary


Technical Services

BJ, Veterinary Assistant, is able to perform minor procedures in the comfort of your pet's home

*Nail Trim                                          $25.00

*Anal Gland Expression                      $25.00

*Sanitary Clips & Medical Groom  $ price varies

     *Tech trip fee             $40.00 and up (depending on location)

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