Dr. Leslie Griffin

Veterinarian & Owner

A Bit About Me

I am Leslie Griffin, a veterinarian, wife, hostage terrorist negotiator (this is what I frequently feel like as a mom to 4 humans), business owner, farmer, apiarist, problem solver, dog adorer, and life-long learner.

I was born in Wisconsin, raised in Kentucky, attended undergraduate school in Illinois, graduated from veterinary school in Alabama (War Eagle), moved to Georgia to start my career... and 20+ years later, I'm still here.

In addition to my husband and children, I raise a small, fiber farm that consists of Angora Goats & Llamas plus several breeds of chickens on The Livestock Conservancy list.  My dogs all have a first, middle, and last name and I keep natural, wild area of pasture for  honeybees and other pollinators.  My farm, The Sweet & Spicy Farm, is listed on the Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail.

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